Clam can't do this, he can't do that, wouldn't it be nice if there were something that he could do?

ssh -p 20209

Can you enter the secret agent portal? I've heard someone has a flag.Our insider leaked the source, but was "terminated" shortly thereafter...

[misc] inputter

Clam really likes challenging himself. When he learned about all these weird unprintable ASCII characters he just HADto put it in a challenge. Can you satisfy his knack for strange and hard-to-input characters?

[web] Git

Did you know that angstrom has a git repo for all the challenges? I noticed that clam committed a very work in progress challenge so I thought it was worth sharing.

Shrek seems to be pretty angry about something, so he deleted some important information off his site. He murmured something about Donkey being too committed to infiltrate his swamp. Can you checkout the site and see what the status is?

After announcing that he would be having an anonymous 1-on-1 AMA with randomly chosen, adoring fans, an engineering team hacked together a web app and likely forget to patch some obvious security holes.

[Crypto] Hill

I found these characters on top of a hill covered with algae ... bruh I can't figure it out can you help me?wznqca{d4uqop0fk_q1nwofDbzg_eu}

[Crypto] One True Problem

Two of my friends were arguing about which CTF category is the best, but they encrypted it because they didn't want anyone to see. Lucky for us, they reused the same key; can you recover it?

Here are the ciphertexts:213c234c2322282057730b32492e720b35732b2124553d354c22352224237f1826283d7b06513b3b463829225b3632630b542623767f39674431343b353435412223243b7f162028397a103e

[Forensics] 1 Frame per Minute

I recently received this signal transmission known as SSTV in a mode called Martian? This technology is all very old so I'm not sure what to do with it. Could you help me out?

[Forensics] Spectre

I found this audio file, but I don't think it's any song I've ever heard... Maybe there's something else inside?

[Reverse] PNG2

In an effort to get rid of all of the bloat in the .png format, I'm proud to announce .PNG2! The first pixel is #7F7F7F, can you get the rest of the image?

[Reverse] Crack the heart

Convince your crush to go out with you. Note: the flag is what you need to say to convince him/her to go out with you.

[Reverse] IR

We found this snippet of code on our employee's laptop. It looks really scary. Can you figure out what it does?

[Code] Funny Images

We found a site on which the flag is posted but it is hidden behind alarge number of captchas. As they understood, the owner does not likebots and created his own captcha generator. Although I’m not a robot,I can’t get beyond 200. Go through the entire captcha and get

[Crypto] Magic I

Ancient magicians kept their secrets well. Some elder citizens, who sawthe action of witchcraft, told us about a magic cipher hiddensomewhere in our reality. If you want to reveal the secret, you must dive into the world of illusions. Are you ready?

[Reverse] Babycrypt

We developed our own program for encrypting text. But it is not veryconvenient and seems to encrypt not secure. Try a plaintextattack to get key and decode flag!

[Reverse] 1000 and 1 night

I wrote all this manually in 1000 and 1 night. It seems that thesolution will take the same amount of time. After connecting tothe server, it will ask you for a token for a binary. You need to enterthe correct tokens for the requested files and you

We found a very old crypto server. He has a secret that we want toget. However, he will not give it up so easily. Flag form for thistask is "Aero{[0-9a-f]{32}}"

[crypto] Ask The Oracle

Mr Robot has worked all night to find the Cipher "TIe8CkeWpqPFBmFcIqZG0JoGqBIWZ9dHbDqqfdx2hPlqHvwH/+tbAXDSyzyrn1Wf" then he faints of Overdose.You are left with a challenge to get the key to the database before EVIL CORP starts backing up the data.

An user named "CruSieg" is posting messages in support of Terrorism. He has setup his Home Photography Studio where he posts images with his own camera and personal computer. Can you login as CrueSieg and remove all the posts and images before its too late?

[web] csp2

Round two: Can you bypass the CSP? Try to read /csp-two-flag as admin, all payloads submitted here will be sent to the admin.

[forensics] Confidential

Sherlock was able to intercept the transmission of secret data passed between Moriarty's agents. Examine the traffic and try to find confidential information.

[web] Some bot

It’s a well-known fact that Sherlock was on something to have these kinds of superpowers. However, it’s only partly true because he messed up somewhere.

[web] Door Paradox

But let’s go back to the point of the competition. We wrote a messenger for you, because we want you to be comfortable talking. Account for you: test:test

While chasing a serial killer Sherlock Holmes stopped a wrong person. Now, thanks to my « bot », you can buy a car for Sherlock, so he doesn’t have to run chasing taxis anymore.

[web] Admin

I'm not an expert, but it seems to me that something needs to be hacked here

[stego] Find Moriarty

After another failure, Moriarty decided to flee the country. Help Sherlock Holmes to catch him.

[misc] Layouts

Sherlock found a huge pile of evidence, but it was difficult for him to analyze them.

[crypto] Container

Mrs. Hudson found a container under the door of the house. You need to know the password for the safe and see the contents.

Hint: The picture for this task is not entertaining like the other. The image should definitely tell you something.

[forensics] Doc Holmes

Sherlock got it on his super secret channels. You have received a copy of mail. Is everything okay with it?

[forensics] Blogger

Recently, John's keys began to be pressed by themselves when he runs his blog. You need to figure out what's the matter.

[crypto] Invitation

Sherlock doesn't like going to parties. But this time an invitation came to him, which he could not refuse.

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